Chapter 36: The Benefits of Aromatherapy

Of the five senses that humans possess, smell is probably not one that you’d associate with impacting your remote working environment, but that would be a mistake. Scent can make a big impact on your mood, outlook and productivity. I am a big fan of aromatherapy, or burning candles if it’s safe to do so, while I work. Below are a few aromatherapy options at various price points.

$120 Capri Blue Candle – 19 Oz (4 Pack) – Volcano – Black

$25 Fresh Peppermint Candle – Large White 16.5 Oz. Highly Scented Jar Candle – Made with Natural Oils

$19 Yankee Candle Sicillian Lemon Scented Premium Paraffin Grade Candle Wax with up to 150 Hour Burn Time