Chapter 64: Outsource Repetitive Tasks

One of my favorite tips to free up time in your day to focus on the things that you excel in, enjoy, or are higher-income producing activities is to outsource repetitive tasks. This list will be different for everyone. In my case, I am an entrepreneur who excels at creative tasks. Therefore, I try and get things off of my plate that don’t fit into my core competencies. Sometimes this requires delegating to someone else on my team. Other times, it’s about finding someone else that can do that task better than me.

Here is a list of tasks that I outsource:
– Managing my inboxes
– Managing my schedule
– Paying bills
– Book keeping
– Tax preparation
– Order fulfillment
– Customer service

What tasks are taking up a majority of your workday? Is there someone else that is better suited to complete them? What would not having these things on your plate allow you to do with the extra time?